As we move into the 2021 wedding season, we thought it was about time we officially introduced our small, but a very special team of wedding experts here at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings.

After 14 fantastic years, 13 seasons, and over 500 weddings to date, we are incredibly proud of our bespoke approach to the world-of-weddings, our client satisfaction along the way, our relationships with our collaborators, and of course, our achievements as wedding planners.

For those of you who may not already know our fine-art wedding planning service at Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings, we would love you to meet ‘Our Beautiful Team’ below… but first, here is a little introduction of our company vision, and our bespoke style collectively.



Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings – Bespoke Vision and Personal Style

Creating the perfect wedding can often feel a little overwhelming. At Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings, we pride ourselves as experienced professionals who recognize every single couple as unique, with their style, dreams, and desires.

Our top priority is to work as closely as possible with all of our couples to ensure the whole process is as stress-free as possible, but also to build rapport and trust every step of the way, making the planning journey as enjoyable and exciting as the big day itself.

We endeavour to get-to-know all of our clients on a professional, yet personal level, with an open working relationship. Our unique understanding of diversity, personalities, cultures, preferences, and wedding styles is what sets our wedding planning service apart from the rest.

Every Couple is Special. Every Day is Different. Every Wedding is Forever.



Alexandra – Successful Female Entrepreneur, Founder, and Director of Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings

Alexandra - Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings

“I love the island of Ibiza, almost as much as I have loved designing exquisite events over the past 15 years here.”

Originally from Germany, I (Alexandra) studied Public Relations at university and later trained and worked as a specialist in European Hotel Management during my early career. My strong determination and business-mindset led to establishing my own initial company in marketing and sponsoring at the young age of 22, which later opened the way to my dream job as a junior project manager for a renowned event, communication & design agency in Berline.

In 2007, I visited the island of Ibiza for a much-deserved vacation, where I walked into a beautiful beach restaurant, ordered a cool glass of rose wine, and blow-me-down, I met my future husband. As you can imagine, I was head-over-heels in love, so shortly after I left my dream career behind, followed my heart and the love of my life, and moved to the island of Ibiza to be with Daniel.

Pura Vida Beach Restaurant, which happens to belong to Daniel and his sister, is where we first laid eyes on each other, and subsequently where I bought my event management experience to create a PR and Wedding Planning Service upon relocating. I quickly networked across the island and established Pura Vida as a recognised beach wedding venue and location, taking over 25 bookings within my first season.

I became renowned on the island as the wedding planner with a difference, high in quality, and delivering a personalised experience from a wealth of PR and event management.

After 5 years of successful wedding planning at Pura Vida, I needed to expand my service as a wedding planner to the next level, ensuring my expertise, skills, and services were available to all couples, despite their location choice. It was then that I officially opened Ma Cherie Weddings Ibiza, the very same year as my firstborn son in 2014.

Having worked and become a successful businesswoman, meant encountering many changes as my health took a turn for the worst in 2017. I have never stopped working and pursuing my goals and dreams here at Ma Cherie, however as I faced a period in time where I needed much medical intervention and hospitalisation, Edyta was there to help in my absence and has since become a fantastic Wedding planner of Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings.



Edyta – Wedding Planner Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings

Edyta - Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings

Edyta is an idealist, who is always direct and energetic when creating weddings with us at Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings. She is a magnificent addition to the Ma Chérie team, with a warm-heart and impeccable organisational skills. Edyta will help you to create the wedding of your dreams with ease and a smile.

Born and raised in Poland, Edyta studied Tourism and Ecology for 5 years ending up with two diplomas. She later advanced her studies and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Catering, followed by a Master’s degree in Tourist Management. Her work experience has taken her across many European countries where she has completed further business management education and various internships abroad. Edyta speaks three languages fluently, Polish, English, and Spanish.

Initially arriving on the island of Ibiza during her first internship in 2013, Ibiza practically called Edyta by name. She dreamt of living on a Mediterranean island as a young child, but she had not realised her childhood dream, was speaking of her future. Her stay in Ibiza imprinted on her heart so much she decided to relocate permanently in 2015.

Traveling is Edyta’s biggest passion. She loves to explore new places, understand different cultures, different foods, meet new people, learn about their traditions, and get lost in unknown places.

Edyta’s passion for life, people, culture, and travel is reflective in her personal qualities at work. She dives into her role to better understand every couple, and culturally explores their world to add value and personal identity to their big day! The more colourful the request the more interesting she finds her role as a wedding planner.

I like that couples enjoy openly expressing themselves on their big day. I once planned a cabaret-themed wedding for a comedian. The event was filled with variety-shows, entertainment and plenty of unusual and very romantic decorations. Edyta Kroliczek

We are so proud and thankful to have Edyta as a part of our team. Edyta, you are a pleasure to work with and a cherished team member at Ma Cherie. Thank you for all your dedication and always going the extra mile to ensure our clients are always happy.

As a Serbian couple from Zurich, going to get married in Ibiza I was first extremely skeptical of engaging with a wedding planner in general because I like to do a lot by myself. Once we met Edyta for the tasting of the wedding menu and first brainstorming about the floral arrangement, decoration, and catering, I was very impressed… And somehow relieved that, with Edyta, we found an extraordinary wedding planner and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Private Couple



Beata – Wedding Planner

Beata - Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings

Reliable, precise, energetic, and full of fresh new and inspirational ideas. Beata’s entire approach makes your wedding planning journey smooth, full of ease, and an unforgettable experience.

I love my job with all my heart. When it comes to a wedding day and I see the couple with happy faces it gives me so much satisfaction and motivates me to be the very best in my industry. Beata

Beata is an incredibly heartwarming, polite, and honest person who loves to plan and create wonderful weddings with us at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings. Her direct role is ‘Wedding and Event Planner’ at our beach restaurant, Pura Vida in Playa Niu Blau. Couples who choose Pura Vida as their wedding venue are under Beata’s tender care and expertise.

Beata was born and raised in Bielsko-Biala which is a beautiful small city in the south of Poland, just at the foot of the mountains. She studied Travel and Tourism at university level and has spent her internship work traveling around many European countries and islands, including Crete, Greece, Stockholm, La Palma (Canary Islands), and Cyprus.

After university Beata worked as marketing and sales manager in a 4-star hotel before moving to London to expand her career in the city. For Beata, since discovering Ibiza three years ago, the island has warmly welcomed her and treated her as part of its unique family, and she plans to stay with us all long-term!

Horses are Beata’s biggest passion. She recently and proudly rescued and adopted a horse here in Ibiza. You will often see Beata with her ‘LUNO’, training him or simply enjoying life together in “the campo”. Beata’s hard work and passionate dedication extend past her work and into every area of her life, you can see this through her commitment, love, and goals for LUNO.

We are so proud and thankful to have her a part of our team. Thank you, Beata, you are a pleasure to work with!

Our wedding planner and a really lovely, down-to-earth lady. A true perfectionist who made our day one we will never forget. Amy Taylor



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We LOVE what we do! We are passionate and dedicated to the Ibiza-world-of-weddings.

Together, we can tailor-make your unique wedding and organise those beautiful authentic, luxurious, beach, bohemian, rustic, vintage, farmhouse, countryside, elegant, boho-chic, or personal cultured, like Indian or Jewish weddings – turning every aspect of your wedding dream into reality.

Our beautiful island is our main source of inspiration coupled with an abundance of trending wedding planning and styling knowledge. Our wealth of experience in project management, fine attention to detail, and choice of carefully selected vendors, artists, and suppliers give you and your guests the very best wedding opportunities on offer.

If you’re looking for a destination wedding planner here in Ibiza, then why not take a look over and choose from one of our wedding packages to suit your budget and planning requirements, or get in touch with us today!

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