Carmen & Dave celebrated a wedding that should have the family in the centre. All the beloved relatives came, the closest friends and many children, who made the whole celebration a living and touching event.

The beautiful ceremony was held on the beach of Ibiza, the Niu Blau beach near to Ibiza’s second largest city St. Eulalia. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sea glittered in turquoise – the perfect day for a beach wedding. A flowered bow was set up, the bride looked gorgeous: the tattoos with the white dress and veil looked great! Her groom completed the picture perfectly in his stylish appearance. The couple harmonized very much and despite the amount of guests, the whole day was a family atmosphere. In the background during the ceremony, there was played an acoustic guitar and thus, of course, contributed heavenly to the mood.

After the ceremony, there was a buffet in the beachfront Pura Vida Beach Restaurant. To satisfy so many children, you have to come up with something: a candy bar made for happy, little faces. The celebration was a nice day for all involved, the perfect start to a harmonious, shared life.

We wish Carmen & Dave all the best and happiest and thank you for the confidence to organize this successful day.

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