Celtic Weddings
If a traditional religious blessing is not really your thing, or you would like to hold a ceremony with a difference… why not consider an ancient Celtic style wedding?

The spiritual nature of this highly romantic ceremony has real affinity with the spirit of Ibiza

Earth Lovers

Celtic Wedding

This type of ceremony belongs to the antique Celtic natural religion. Its key idea is that you will be blessed with the four elements of fire, water, earth and air.

In mythology the belief is that there are certain natural powers attributed to these four elements:

  • Fire gives power, courage and vitality.
  • Water means intuition, emotions.
  • Air is your mind, clearness and communication.
  • Earth means growth and fertility.

How is the Ceremony Conducted?

There will be a table with all four elements on it. This means, there is a bowl with a burning fire, a glass of clear water, another bowl filled with earth and a little vessel containing smoking incense.

After a general welcome and some introductory words about you as a couple the main ceremony starts with you both receiving a blessing from each of the elements and its individual characteristic. After this very special  blessing the actual wedding act starts.

It consists of three steps:

  • you may say a vow of love to each other (We can help you to come up with something special, heartwarming and unique!)
  • you make a knot into a scarf with your names on it on each end to symbolize the joining of your relationship (We will provide the ideal scar)
  • finally you exchange the rings

Witnesses, friends, children and other are encouraged to take part in the ceremony and the whole thing feels really personal and unique. There are plenty opportunities for good wishes, poems, music etc and we can help you come up with some really quirky and memorable ideas to make your ceremony perfect for you!

The ceremony usually lasts for around 25 minutes.

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