Looking for an exceptional wedding day? Something that will be more than just a dream wedding? We might have the best wedding location for you and your expectations! Your guests will talk about this wedding for the rest of their lives 🙂

First of all, when deciding to get married on Ibiza, most of our couples are looking for a venue, which reflects the beauty of the island and a location, which is totally different than every wedding in their home country.

To combine exceptional and the REAL Ibiza vibe – we recommend a beautiful wedding just in front of the island’s landmark and magical rock Es Vedra.
The romantic and spiritual vibe is breath-taking and the history about the rock is mysterious and exciting.

Ma Chérie Ibiza Weddings works with the island’s best suppliers and is happy to organise weddings on a secret spot together with a beautiful catering option by The Ibiza Catering.


The Ibiza Catering offers a great selection of appetizers and aperitifs to underline the great vibe of this location and is happy to organise your celebration after the aperitif in a villa close by! The Ibiza catering menu can be discussed with the help of Ma Chérie and all your preferences will be presented in the best way possible while The Ibiza Catering is happy to send you special wedding menu choices too!

Contact Ma Chérie and experience the best day of your life!

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