Guido & Miriam married in our beautiful beach restaurant Pura Vida on the chilled Niu Blau beach. The beach is near Santa Eulalia, which offers many accommodations that are perfect for accommodating the numerous guests. The wedding of the couple in love was the perfect example that even if the weather on the island for once does not quite play along, a glorious ceremony is still likely. The whole company made the best of the spring rain and the drops of water almost made up the flair of the event. Of course we at Ma Chérie are also prepared for everything, so that the reception of the wedding party after the wedding ceremony was simply relocated to the interior of our restaurant. The dark wood used in the interior of the Pura Vida blended perfectly with the virginal white of the table decoration. The couple had a romantic strawberry red wedding cake designed in heart shape. The flower bouquets as well as the bridal bouquet consisted mainly of white roses – a beautiful and classic choice. On the long erected table, the exuberant guests settled down to toast and enjoy the heavenly meal together (we at Ma Chérie agree – nothing beats a fine carpaccio!)

We wish the couple a happy life together and thank you for the confidence to be able to transform the wedding. It was a complete success!

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