j+p-c-399lj-c-43912.2Gypsy Westwood:
I was born and brought up in Ibiza and am still lucky enough to call it my Home.

There is something special about Ibiza that has attracted a huge influx of foreigners over time. There is a feeling here, a sense of tranquil, a sense that is grounding, a magic. I love nothing more than the clear crispy blue spring or autumn skies, the crystal clear seas and its horizon, the abundance of green pine hills and that golden haze from the sun going down behind them. It is beautiful.
It is unique. Light that is a photographer’s dream, that is what they say!


I was asked to shoot my first professional wedding in 2004. It was at Atzaro, and it was their first wedding too.
The bride and groom were a good looking young couple from London, in love with Ibiza, looking for a wedding
and photographer that were different from ‘the classic wedding‘ back in the UK7912. The wedding still had elements of a ‘traditional’ wedding, the white dress, a ceremony, the speeches, a big dinner, a cake and they had Ibiza. They had the blue sky, warm sun, the traditional Ibiza house of Atzaro, the sun going down behind the pine hills and (lots of) dancing under the stars.


I had no preconceptions how to shoot a wedding.
It wasn’t something I had studied or practiced.
Back then there was not the image information we now have- with Pinterest, Instagram and the Web in general. I just photographed what I saw as it happened in front of me and of course then, all on film. Just as it was new for the island, it was new to me, so I was very nervous but it was exciting- it was a challenge. It was amazing to have such an intimate part to play on their day.

To have to be at every important moment surrounded by this happiness, this love, this fun.18

7All the couples I have photographed over the years have always shared our love for the island. Connecting to its magic. There is always a story…. they either met here, spent childhood summer holidays here, got engaged here…..they want the different wedding that a destination wedding gives just with the added extra of our Ibiza magic, our Ibiza Love. It is a holiday with an amazing party. A party for one or two or even three days. It can be intimate with just two people or grand with 300. It is in the open, with our amazing sky, sea or pine forest as its backdrop. It can be ‘traditional’ but relaxed.
The food is Mediterranean- fresh and light, the drinks are cocktails- exotic and colourful. You c9an have your feet in the sand, watch the sunset and dance under the stars….until dawn. Anything is possible at an Ibiza wedding.

Each year there have been more and more weddings and more and more of everything to do with weddings on Ibiza.
I have seen it grow and become such an important Ibiza industry. 2324

The weddings all have similar aspects to that first wedding I photographed, with a few of their traditions and all of Ibiza’s influences but just maybe each year they become even more elaborate and more extravagant (a continuing trend with all aspects of the Island). Though I think the real essence for couples still choosing to get married here is always still the same – The Ibiza enchantment and their r+a-c-086Ibiza story.

As with theirs, my love for Ibiza is forever. Living and working here I will never get enough of shooting into the golden sun bursting through the trees and fields on a beautiful clear blue sky day or the magical light at sunset leaving the perfect coral haze and shimmering sea.

I will also never forget the feeling of getting off of a plane and the doors opening to that hot sticky salty Ibiza air! I think home for so many every time!

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