Christmas and New Year’s Eve are a wonderful time to propose!
Therefore, we have a little engagement story of wedding expert Alexandra Sixt:

It does not matter how long you are waiting to hear the words “Sweetie, do you want to marry me?” it will always come unexpected. The words that will change your entire life in just a second are mostly planned for weeks if not even months!

Every woman has dreamed about her fantasy proposal. This proposal mostly takes place at the most romantic spot in the world, where you wearing her perfect outfit looking like the perfect combination of sexy and cute. It is a situation that has been building up in her head for years. Some brides to be even tend to obsess about it and often discussing it with your girlfriends does not help either.

So what if you have always dreamed about being asked, while sitting in a horse and carriage, riding through central park, wearing a Versace dress and looking like a star.

And than for example this happens: you are sitting on the coach all ready to go to bed and he pops the question, or you are walking around town during your city trip and unexpectedly he goes down on his knees or maybe you are even skiing sitting in the gondola looking down and there he is, the love of your life, standing next to the words “will you marry me” engraved into the snow. Not at all what you wanted, but you have to admit, they all seem pretty special don´t they?

What I am trying to say it is does not matter where you are or what you are doing, every single proposal is unique and unforgettable. They do secretly have one thing in common: The moment you have that ring on your finger, you just won´t be able to stop staring at it. It does not matter if you have been together since you were young, or have been living together for years, the promise of sharing your entire life together that the ring symbolizes, makes it a once in a lifetime experience!

The only advise I can give with regards to awaiting you proposal, do not force it, just let it overcome you, be happy and most importantly, enjoy it to the fullest.

I was just like you, just waiting and hoping and thinking that it would happen when it did not. Like when we went on vacation I already imagined the scenery in which he would pop the question and I kept on imagining the perfect situations but it did not happen. Today I still believe that it did not happen then because it would have been the obvious choice, making it less special.

Then month’s later, even though the entire setting was perfect, at the most unexpected moment for me, it happened.

I can still remember all the details of the night. We were having a super romantic birthday dinner, just the two of us on our terrace with garden view. There were candles, there was champagne and we were eating my favorite dish (Steak Tartar and Lobster), I was even wearing the perfect outfit. It was a truly magical night. Than at 5 minutes to twelve my now husband stood up to turn on the music. I was expecting a serenade of “Happy Birthday” songs but instead of that the slow tunes of Alicia Keys started playing. As he came back all of a sudden he fell down on his knee, looked into my eyes and asked me “darling, do you want to marry me?” while slowly putting the most beautiful ring I had ever seen onto my finger. He had to ask me twice as I was unable to answer the first time as I started to cry and finally managed to blubber out the words “yes, yes, of course!”

For me this was the perfect moment and it could not have been any better. I truly believe because I stopped obsession about the when and where of the proposal, it got even more special as it was completely unexpected.

And therefore I would like to finish off with the advise I have given you before, if you let it go, it will come sooner as you think!



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