By public demand Marinela Cifteli, world acclaimed designer of the Kurru Kurru Haute Couture located on the fabled island of Ibiza, is now offering a limited opportunity to have your own unique Haute Couture Wedding Gown.

Using the same originality and handcrafted excellence she deploys in her haute couture range to perfectly fit to your body, and the same meticulous hand-sewn care to every detail down to the last pearl, bead or precious stone, she will ensure you the most gorgeous gown, whether your wedding’s on the island or you want to take her Ibiza magic to whichever part of the world the wedding will be. And you can extend the magic and have your bridesmaids dressed by her, and even the groom – not in a dress of course but in an original bespoke Kurru Kurru piece-for-man.

“We work mostly with silk, lace, pearls and crystals, and use light and transparent fabrics so Ibiza brides can stay cool in the heat,” says Marinela. “I like the more classy and romantic styles, but really we can create anything the bride wants… we can make big, we can make intricate, we can make colors, long, short – whatever the client wants, although we like to add our dreamy Kurru Kurru style.”

She recommends you start your wedding dress consultation around three months before the wedding (although dresses can be turned around with limited materials in as little as three weeks if needed) to allow optimum time for design, sourcing fabric, pattern making and the intricate handwork on each dress.

To achieve a truly personal result that reflects your personality, Marinela creates a mood board for you with a variety of shades, styles, shapes, and detail that truly works for you. The design team – boasting hands-on experience creating costumes for the Paris and Vienna Operas – will then present your very own bespoke design, working together with you until your dream dress springs to life before your very eyes.

Prices range from between 700€ for a simple silk gown up to 5000€ for a truly amazing, one-of-a-kind couture creation, and include the cost of materials, design and work.

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