Beach Weddings

    Beach Wedding 1

    Ceremony directly on the beach // Experienced in many weddings // Excellent cuisine Close to hotels // Intimate, chic, romantic, a hidden gem

    Beach Wedding 2

    Beautiful sunset // Panoramic views over the sea // Bohemian style // Romantic place in the North of the island

    Beach Wedding 3

    Mythical restaurant with pure essence of the Balearics // Panoramic views over the sea // Known for excellent cuisine // Modern, elegant and bohemian weddings

    Beach Wedding 4

    Very popular wedding location // Panoramic views over the sea // Wonderful sunlighlight/sunset // Ibiza Style

Agroturismo Weddings

    Agroturismo Wedding 1

    Countryside weddings // Bali meets Ibiza // Style // Beautiful nature, trees and swimming pools // Suitable for small to big events // Hotel & Spa // Unique location // Many different areas // High quality wedding menu

    Agroturismo Wedding 2

    Typical Spanish // Countryside feeling // Beautiful nature // Different areas // Hotel facilities // Swimming pool // Possible to rent all areas and rooms

    Agroturismo Wedding 3

    Exclusive hotel // Surrounded by gardens of native and aromatique plants from the island // Orange, lemon, cherry, pear trees and organic cultivation // Unique atmosphere and venue // Spiritual feeling

    Agroturismo Wedding 4

    Exceptional location // Countryside feeling // Beautiful nature // 3 nights accommodation required

Church Weddings

Villa Weddings

    Villa Wedding 1

    High end villa// Amazing view// Modern Finca

    Villa Wedding 2

    Villa Wedding// Great view// Beautiful ceremony area// Inside and outside celebration

    Villa Wedding 3

    Amazing view // Made for wedding ceremonies and celebrations//Modern Romantic

Special Weddings


    Contactez-nous pour obtenir d`autres lieux – le but de Ma Chéries Ziel est de trouvé votre location parfaite!

    Cliff/Sea Wedding 1

    Very unique wedding location // Exclusive // Romantic // Stunning view // Reflecting the beauty of Ibiza // Emotional location

    Cliff/Sea Wedding 2

    Beautiful shore // New venue (2014) // Ibiza beach wedding venue // Cosy and relaxing with beautiful view // Very modern // White and turquoise effect

    Cliff/Sea Wedding 3

    Beach cliff-­top wedding // Unique and stunning view // Awarded location // Romantic and chilled atmosphere // Intimate // Surrounded by palm trees // Breath-taking view

    Cliff/Sea Wedding 4

    Beach cliff wedding // Unique and stunning view of the eas coast // Intimate area // Romantic and chilled atmosphere // Great accommodation

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