Welcome to the second part of our Ibiza Wedding Blog. Today’s topic is the choice of shoes but before we dive into that mystery of female passion I would like to answer one of the questions you posted during the week. Many of you wanted to know what neckline to choose on a “Ball Gown”. The classic solution would be a “Sweetheart Cut” neck line. In case you have small or even little breasts a “Scoop” or a “Square” that meets with lace straps in a 90 degree angle would be a better choice.
Ok… !!!….Since the two top choices for a wedding in Ibiza are the beaches and the cliffs we should first take a look at our heels. Only an elegant bride is a beautiful bride and if we walk like ducks the elegance goes out the window. As we remember from the blog about the gown, it might be necessary to take an odd step to balance once in a while. If your ceremony is planed to happen on a beach it should not be that tricky because usually you should have a wooden pathway for the most important walk of your life. In that case you should just choose what you are comfortable with. So, if you normally wear 4 inch heels you should be fine in case you stay away from the sand. On a cliff however, you should be a heel walking world champion if you dare to appear with 4 inches.

A good combination of safety and height on a cliff can be “Platform Heels” or “Kitten Heels”.
Those of you who prefer flats can definitely benefit from the ambience of a beach wedding because it allows to wear “Sandals” or “Wedges”. Even “Caligae” can suit a beach wedding perfectly.
Since Ibiza hosts the hottest dance parties in Europe’s biggest discotheques you are most likely to do a lot of dancing on your wedding night. If you chose 4 inch heels because it is what you are usually wearing then you can also dance on them and thereby earn the envious respect of thousands of women all around the globe……chapeau!…..but if you wore 4 inch heels just to make your legs look longer and you barely made it to the diner table without having dislocated your ankle, you should definitely have a pair of “Ballerinas” at hand when you hit the dance floor.

Ok Ladies…..that´s it for today. At my next Ma Chérie blog story we will take a closer look at the accessories. If until then you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to write us and if you liked it feel free to post and share.

With love and light from the isle of white!

Kurru Kurru Fashion by Marinela Cifteli

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