A wedding video is the chance to remember all the details of the most beautiful day. So often we learn on our own, each one of us, how quickly we forget even the most beautiful things or simply can not recall so well after a little time. And a day like your own wedding is worth a snapshot. Ma Chérie works with a number of companies that use their ingenious equipment to make the most of your day. For this purpose, drones are used to see the happenings and the beach of the event sometimes from above. In the case of Marco & Nadia also unobtrusive and subtle special effects were used as slow motion, to record certain moments even more intense. That’s how you feel, you feel the happy atmosphere. In itself and in short, a wedding video is a way to relive that special day over and over again, if that suits you. It’s a chance to show the grandchildren later how Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their big day. In addition, the video is a nice way to complete the anniversary every year. For more information and offers, just send us an e-mail to the address given under Contact.

Marco & Nadia, Ibiza Wedding from Wedding Video Ibiza on Vimeo.

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