Natalie & Marc were an absolutely harmonious and sweet couple. For them we organized a detailed wedding. From the first second on the morning of the wedding day, the ceremony started: with her bridesmaids, the bride prepared for the big hour. There was a lot of time for everything, so there was not a single stressful minute. The hairstyle, the makeup, the dressing gowns, slippers, everything fit and was tailored to the wedding. So the festive feeling set in immediately after waking up.

The ceremony took place on the beautiful Niu Blau beach in the sand, directly in front of the calm sea. A festive bow was set up and all guests were placed around the event. What made this wedding special was the amount of emotion. Without a doubt, such a special day is always filled with wonderful emotions, but above all Marc evoked touching feelings in everyone present. He saw his future wife and could not hold back his tears, why should he? It was wonderful to see how the couple was soaked in happiness to spend their lives together.

After the ceremony, the festivities were relocated to the Pura Vida Beach Restaurant, where the party was in full swing. The food, the drinks, the cake & music: everything as desired, if not better. A successful start to the beginning of a common life.

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