Lauren & Marlon were the absolute picture book couple. In her wedding dress & veil she looked like a goddess, and he was the handsome and very, very proud husband. They had flower girls and also their little son looked adorable.

They married on a sunny day in June. The wedding ceremony took place at Niu Blau Beach and afterwords the party was celebrated at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant. The special thing about this outstanding wedding was, that Marlon arranged and organized every little detail. He wanted to make his future wife more than happy and this was exactly what he did.

When they sat in front of the altar, they looked so pretty together, everyone could feel the harmony between them. It was a middle-sized wedding without a motto. Everyone could wear what they wanted to wear and the outcome was a colorful ambiance.

After the ceremony there was a lovely dinner and then it followed a wild, wild after show party: everyone, young and old, was dancing, having a jolly good time and enjoyed them self. We are very sure that every guest will remember this wedding night as one of the best parties they’ve ever been to.

Good luck you stunning couple. We wish you a happy life and thank you for letting us organize your special day.

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