Nadine & Christian had already married in a small, familiar circle in South Africa the year before. Unfortunately not all friends and family members could be present on the special day and in this special place. Therefore, they decided to give them the yes-word again in Ibiza.

Before the stunning wedding, they celebrated a beautiful pre-wedding party with all their loved ones at the Sa Punta “Patchwork” Rooftop. All guests wore white, which was wonderfully complemented by the colorful and luminous features of the location. All age groups were represented and the evening was a success for everyone. The mood was exuberant and relaxed. How could it have been different, the Patchwork is a place to get together and marvel at the incredible views over Eivissa. The pre-wedding party by Nadine & Christian has once again made clear that the location is the alpha and omega of a successful event.

A pre-wedding party is the perfect way to take the little bit of tension out of the exciting upcoming day. Everyone gets to know each other and can talk nicely. Ma Chérie knows the best locations in Ibiza. We have a sixth sense of which location is needed for which event to keep the evening spotless.

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