It is not a secret anymore – boho weddings are the most popular weddings among Ibiza. A beautiful beach or Spanish agroturismo are simply the best locations for the perfect boho wedding. Vibrant blooms in shades of pink, purple, and yellow. Breezy silhouettes and feminine style. The qualities of a bohemian wedding appeal to brides and grooms who desire a simple, natural celebration that focuses on their beautiful surroundings and their love for each other. Boho brides aren’t at home in a formal ballroom or traditional satin gown; instead, these brides gravitate towards outdoor venues, light and airy dresses, delicate décor, and soft, romantic lighting. The result: a relaxing, intimate wedding that joins nature and elegance.

Any boho wedding begins with finding the perfect beach or outdoor venue. Display flowers in rustic or antique-style vessels, taking care to choose flowers that appear freshly picked from a garden. Finish with homey décor and a cake adorned with fresh flowers and fruit.

We understand and support the great trend as it is a perfect match with the beautiful nature and possibilities on Ibiza with the right fairy-tale inspiration for anyone who desires a serene celebration.

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