A wedding is one of the most special events on a woman’s journey through life….and it is a challenge.
Ibiza is one of the most special places on the surface of our planet….and also…. it is a challenge.
Combining two such extraordinary experiences requires extraordinary planning.
The „centre piece“ of every wedding is the bride and her „centre piece“ is the gown.
In this blog I will write about useful tips and tricks how to „survive“ an Ibiza Wedding and still „shine“ when the night comes to an end.
During the next few weeks we will discuss several topics from head to toe…..and of course we will kick it all off with:

I . The Gown

Many features and several tufts of the classical gowns should be refrained from when getting married in Ibiza. Since beauty always goes along with well being you must have in mind that heat and humidity ought to be respected. This concerns especially the cut of your gown and the sexy option of sparing the sleeves and maybe even showing some leg. The “Spaghetti Sundress” for example is an evergreen cut that can perfectly suit the situation and offers the option of letting it fall all the way to the ground just as well as the possibility of keeping it short and sexy.
If the ceremony is held on a beach, try to stay away from gowns with an extended train, which would only be dragged thru the sand and ruin the dress. Now you might think that you prefer the cliffs in front of magical Es Vedra as a location for your ceremony and that there is no sand on the cliffs…..so a gown with an extended train should be just fine…..but be careful…..Ibiza consists of a very special kind of rock and the surface has been shaped by the elements for thousands of decades and for some odd reason that shape is rather angry. The ground is very uneven and some of the rocks cut like razor blades. A gown with an extended train can be ripped to shreds after a few steps.
A cut that perfectly works without an extended train is the all time classic “Ball Gown” which resembles the typical fairy-tale princess dress. The “Ball Gown” also leaves your arms shoulders and upper chest uncovered so you can cope with the heat. Just make sure that the bottom part of the dress is not build on an “onion system”. The same cut can also be used as the basis for a
“Tea Length” dress which provides more airflow against the heat but still expresses the glam of a “Ball Gown”.
In case you have a perfect body and have already glanced at “Mermaid Cut” dresses, you should definitely think again. Walking on the beaches and cliffs of Ibiza is tricky and a “Mermaid Cut” dress does not allow you to take an odd step to adjust your balance in case you stumble.
A “Column Cut” dress would be the better choice because it will underline the perfection of your body just as well as the “Mermaid Cut” but leaves a little more space around the knees to take that balancing step if needed…because no matter how beautiful you look….if you tip stumble and fall .….the glam is over Baby 😉
To finish todays blog I have made a brief list of fabrics that can help you to resist the heat of Ibiza’s sunshine on your wedding day.

Fabrics you should definitely chose from:

– Shantung: A type of raw silk with an uneven texture and a great casual feel
– Chiffon: A very delicate and sheer fabric with a slightly transparent nature
– Faille : A soft fabric with a subtle striped appearance and a slight sheen made from silk threads
– Lace: A fragile open material that can be used as an overlay or even for the entire dress
to put the cherry on the cake
– Silk: Simply the best

Stay away from:

• Velvet : Very soft but way too thick
• Organza : Often used instead of chiffon but is has a very stiff texture
• Brocade : This fabric is like a mobile sauna
• Satin: It does not even absorb the sweat it produces

Ok Ladies…..that´s it for today. Next week we will take a closer look at shoes.
If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to write to us.

With love and light from the isle of white!

Kurru Kurru
Marinela Cifteli

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