Will & Michelle got married on our favorite places on the island. The young couple wanted all the beautiful, romantic classics for their wedding: bridesmaids in the identical dresses, flower bouquets, a simple but beautiful bridal gown and pink rose petals to throw at them. The groom and his groomsmen, all of them in dark blue suits, visually fitted very well with the bridesmaids. We organized a clifftop wedding for the two of them. In addition to beach weddings, a wedding on a cliff heel is very popular. The reason for this is the almost dramatic atmosphere: on one side you have mostly palm trees or a rock jump and on the other side the sea in its turquoise glow. During the ceremony, you can smell and feel the sea. For more information about our Wedding Locations, just contact us. We at Ma Chérie are very happy to have set up an absolute dream wedding for Will and Michelle. As weddings create wonderful memories and building blocks for shared life, we feel a great responsibility in making our clients more than happy. If a couple tells us after the wedding that everything went as they wished and smoothly, then we are satisfied.

Will & Michelle, we wish you a great life together full of happiness and love.

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