It’s true you, you may not have prioritized the groomsmen gifts (shhhh, don’t tell anyone). After all, there’s so much to a wedding!!  

With all of those other things to keep track of–the arrangements for the ceremony, the reception, the parents–groomsmen gifts can be the last thing to buy!

These are the guys you count on–brothers, best-friends, and the ones who help make the wedding happen!

Waiting doesn’t mean that your groomsmen aren’t important to your wedding (and your life!) This day might be a chance to thank them for much more than just a wedding, you suspect, and finally you have the budget to get something that will really last and be impactful.

All of the items on this list are memorable and lasting thank-yous.  They don’t mess around. No last minute drug store purchases here!

Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Whiskey Appreciation Crate, $159.99,

The groomsman opens this gift and the room goes quiet.  That’s what we want in a gift, right? This is a lasting, beautiful, unique gift that is the kind of thing you pull out to impress company for years to come!

This gift speaks to the very essence of manly. It comes with a hand-made, engraved whiskey decanter, which is stunning. It has 2 personalized heavy bottom rocks glasses, ice sphere molds, slate coasters, 33 Drams of Whiskey (a whiskey drinking journal!), and then, of course, nuts for snacking.

The whole thing comes in an awesome crate, too!

Mixologist Set

Complete Bar Mixologist & Rocks Glass, Groomsmen Gift Set, $118.67,

This is another classy, complete gift set that costs a little less and is still beautiful. It also suits the amateur bartender! 

The set contains so much! A cocktail mixer, a jigger measuring cup, cocktail strainer, bar tasting straw spoon, 5 liquor pour spouts, 2 whiskey glasses, a 3-tiered cocktail glass rimmer, even a bartender notebook for him to write down his favorite cocktail recipes!!

The whole thing comes in a cool black box and almost every part of it is personalized (if you wish) with initials or the groomsman’s full name.

This is not only a very cool gift, and full of great memories–it is also a great activity, and something your groomsmen can take up for life! I personally like gifts that also become experiences, and this gift has that perfectly! 

You can make your groomsman the life of the party forever!

Essentials Golf Gift Set

Essentials Personalized Golf Gift Set, $99.95,

Any golfers in the house? This complete set for the golf aficionado is especially personalized as well as highly useful and long-lasting! It comes with 50 personalized golf tees, poker chip golf ball markers and golf balls in a very handy and pro-looking case!

Some really nice features of this gift are that if you buy multiples, the price goes down (who doesn’t love that?) and you can upgrade the balls if you have a picky pro on your hands.

This is also a great gift option for non-drinkers, and can be for bridesmaids as well, if you want to save money AND go all-in on gifts for the whole party!

Gin Gift Set

Botanical Discovery Gin Gift Set, $89.99,

The perfect man-gift for the gin-loving gentleman!  (try saying gin-loving gentleman five times fast, it’s not easy!)

This elegant and expensive-looking gift has four old fashioned rocks glasses and a postcard in the set–but the cool part is that the rocks glasses are engraved with original botanical drawings of the herbs & spices added to gin for their medicinal properties!

The same plants are illustrated on the front of the postcards, with cocktail recipes on the back of each postcard!

Everything comes in a Botanical Discovery 1682 kraft gift box. Cocktail recipes include Star of India, Citric Sundowner, Old World Charm and the Classics!

These beautiful glasses are long-lasting and perhaps your groomsman will become known for his gin-cocktail skills.

Tool Set

Sharper Image 186-piece Vanadium Tool Set, $179.99,

Tools, tools, tools. The ultimate in man-gifts.  We know it.

This is a complete set with 186 fine tools, which doesn’t really get any better. It’s too long to list every single item here, so here’s a list of what’s cool about this set.

  1. It’s a ton of tools.
  2. It comes in a handy rolling lightweight aluminum suitcase.
  3. Chrome Vanadium Steel (it even sounds cool, but it’s super tough!)
  4. It’s great for guys who are already handymen
  5. It’s great for a guy looking to build a collection of tools

So if the bottom line is that you’re looking for a long-lasting forever gift, this one has it all. Your groomsmen could be using this gift long after your 10th anniversary! 

There is nothing more gratifying than feeling like you really said thank-you to the guys who helped make your day fantastic.