The incoming of a fresh and exciting new year, we thought we would update you on the current wedding styles and trends for 2021.

As with all matters of 2020, trends are constantly moving forth and transforming at a fast pace. However, one thing we have noticed is the rise of the ‘Boho-Chic Wedding’ across the course of 2019. And, it’s a trend that appears to be a little more stationed than moving on, one that is here to stay, with even our 2021 and 2022 brides already requesting an ‘elegant boho style’.

Having said that, the trend itself is evolving. In other words, there are numerous developments and movements within this particular style itself that we need to take heed of and pay attention too.

At Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings, brides this year, despite their common elegant bohemian wedding style, have had their very own particular stamp on their big day – whereby everything from the ceremony, reception, tablescapes, dress, floral design, colour schemes and decor has been quite versatile and to individual taste.

The boho-chic style will always gather familiar qualities, whether it be related to weddings, decor or fashion. It is always representative of a past era, drawing upon various bohemian hippy influences. With this in mind, drawing upon these influences has left a broad spectrum for an influx of creativity and experimentation.

So, let’s take a sneak peek at three sub categories we’ve put together that best summarize the variation of our recent boho-chic weddings, and the current spiralling ideas and trends of 2020 that ultimately fulfil the style –

Eclectic Mix & Ethnic

Free-spirited and back to the real bohemia. Everything about this style boasts of an unconventional, curious and a quirky freedom. Brides should be effortlessly elegant with free-flowing, timeless and loose fitted dresses. Venues should represent a particular rustic and natural agricultural backdrop which can range from authentic beach coves, clifftops or traditional styled Mediterranean villas and country agroturismos.

But, one of the biggest focuses should be upon the flowers, botanicals, overall styling and furniture props – which needs to be put together in a particular format in order to execute this style to perfection.

The floral design needs to create a vintage ambience and bring a very wild energy to the venue and theme. The very current and famed pampas grass, due to its feather soft and neutral wheat colour is a very popular choice – as it offers a very 70’s authentic ‘look and feel’.

These trending grasses are incredibly versatile. So, whilst the pampas is whimsically playing in the wind as our bohemia background, we can make room for bridal bouquets, floral ceremony arches and displays to give a punch of bold romance by employing the 2020 floral wedding colour of the year – coral.

Coral is fresh and fun, and it perfectly lifts the room from those more neutral tones found in our preferred furnishings choices – such as pine coloured wooden benches, ivy tipi tents, mustard and cream moroccan poufs and those deep red and brown ethnic rugs.

Everything about the eclectic and ethnic mixing is based around those more subtle, dark and earthy shades to really give its retro appearance. A little pop of the trending coral florals, and you have yourself a very contemporary and stylish 2020 boho-chic wedding that is designed to make heads turn.


Beach Boho

The beach boho style is very much the opposite to the eclectic style, in terms of its colour palette. Here, we see the utlisation of the glistening turquoise and deep royal blues from the Balearic Sea taking the lead. A wedding where nature rules the scene and influences the entire theme.

Plenty of contrasting bright whites enhance the ocean blues. Brides are commonly found to be wearing almost fluorescent white shades, with more crochet styles, linen fabrics and lace accents for their bridal gowns – which of course naturally flows with the salty sea breeze.

The beloved 70’s macrame wall hangings and dream catchers, a revived nordiac interior design trend, is perfectly suited to this style and equally pleasantly flows with the movement of the distant waves, giving an element of floating ‘back to a more simpler time’.

This simplicity is mirrored by the chosen styling and decor. We see a minimalist approach to wedding ceremony arches and event design. Simple driftwood with sporadic and uncomplicated spring flowers adds perfect refinement and grace.

The hippies who often wore crowns and headdresses are hugely influential for the bride preferring this style. Floral headdresses paired messy updos, half up half down, plaited braids and fish tails (predicted to make a huge comeback for 2020) really dictates the finer details of the beach boho bride and ultimately will leave you looking and feeling like a true princess in the Garden of Eden.

Rustic Country Farmhouses

Although beach weddings will forever be one of the most popular of chosen settings here on the island of Ibiza. This year, more than ever, we have found a huge demand for rustic country farm houses as wedding venues.

Luckily for us, Evissa is profoundly made up of beautiful, authentic Ibicencan homes. Those of which are perfectly hidden amongst stunning agricultural landscapes and are often quietly tucked away off the beaten track, hidden among pine clad forests and spectacular wildlife.

Modern, refurbished and recently renovated, visitors and engaged couples will find themselves with a myriad of venue options to choose from – all of which maintain their true authenticity, character and charm, whether it be a privately owned villa or a renowned Agroturismo.

Here, design teams and wedding stylists really have great scope to fulfill boho-rustic wedding dreams. Country farmhouses tend to offer Roman stone masonry walls with typical contrasting white flat plastered planes and strong dark wooden beams. These rough textures and soil-like characteristics offer very adaptable background canvas.
Set up usually means seating guests on long wooden banquet style tables on the finca grounds with minimalistic design. Using green foliage and olive branches with a combination of unadorned sprigs of white floristry has been increasingly popular over the years, and not just in Ibiza.
However, moving in 2020 we are starting to see a new rustic trend whereby couples are opting for more darker colour palettes and moodier accents comprising of dark wood tables, deep sage foliage, and warmer blush florals (coral again) with gold cutlery and tableware. If, creating a stronger visual impact is something you approve, then this could be the boho chic calibre required.


The Fairytale Boho-White Wedding

What happens if your a bride with her heart set on a more traditional white wedding but you equally love the idea of elegant bohemia? Fear not, there are many couples who still dream of the perfect white wedding. So, why not combine the two!
New contemporary white weddings are free to incorporate as many new fresh trending ideas as they like, and that can include many of the boho-chic features already mentioned.
Think rustic white and authentic farmhouses with lavish white floral arches against stunning emerald green forest backdrops. Secret romantic ceremonies hidden among beautiful alluring pine trees. Scattered aisles of fresh white flower petals and magnificent white draping floral arrangements hanging from the trees that will together create an almost supernatural ambience. White sky lanterns perfectly blended with the twinkling of custom designed fairy lighting and an outdoor personalised lit gazebo for your first dance. The possibilities are endless to combine a white wedding with a touch of bohemia, that together will create a truly other-world and fairytale scene.
It is no wonder the magical island of Ibiza is one of the most trending boho wedding destinations of 2020. An island where freedom is a way of life and bohemia is still celebrated. If, your a newly engaged couple with romantic free-spirits and whimsical elegance, then planning the perfect boho-chic styled wedding with Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings offers ‘Brides and Grooms’ a trouble free and serene planning process with the deliverance bohemian weddings in a myriad of styles. We combine your vision with our experience and vow to fashion your dream day into reality.