Beach Weddings in Ibiza

If you’re picturing your wedding with sunny blue skies, salty-sea breeze in your hair, and sand between your toes, then Ibiza is the perfect wedding destination for you! Our island is renowned for its crystaline beaches, warm sunny weather, secret hidden coves, and a vast array of wonderful beach wedding venues.

An Ibiza beach wedding is guaranteed to give you and your guests plenty to get excited about. The sound of the sea crashing against the shore, long Mediterranean al fresco dining, and perfect sunsets, all equating to one fine day that will create lasting memories for all.

But, it’s not one size fits all, so read on and explore the many inspiring beach wedding ideas on offer with us here at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings…


The Perfect Beach Wedding Venue in Ibiza

Asides from the various different beach backdrops, Ibiza has plenty of beautiful beach and sea view wedding venues to choose from. Everything from luxury white-modern villas set in private locations, beachside hotels, authentic beach restaurants, glamorous beach clubs, iconic Es Vedra homes, rooftop bars, to contemporary and stylish chic chiringuitos.

What’s more, every beach wedding venue in Ibiza comes with a unique style of its own. Some are a little rustic, others more elegant, and some have the perfect beach vibe already integrated into the interior and exterior design. Of course, that’s not to say our wonderful venues are not versatile enough to be adapted into a multitude of different styles, but whatever venue takes your fancy, we are sure its breathtaking location and distinctive design will inspire the perfect theme and style for your big day!

Ibiza Beach Wedding Cala Bonita

Ibiza Beach weddings - celebration on the beach


Choosing the right Ibiza Beach Wedding Theme

When it comes to choosing a beach wedding theme, the ‘world is your oyster’. You don’t have to feel restricted to a certain style just because you are getting married at the beach. In fact, many of our beach weddings have been quite multifaceted.

Your wedding style and decoration can be as bold and bright, or as simple and natural as you like. Beach wedding styles in Ibiza range from boho-chic, minimalist and elegant, classic white, organic, and even an eclectic mix of colours and style.

Recent global events have given most of us time to reconnect with Mother Nature, creating a new-found love for the great outdoors, which is being reflected in many trending wedding themes. As the number of weddings being held outside has expanded, so has our admiration for nature-focused weddings.

Ibiza Beach Wedding Cala Bonita


The Sandy Boho-Chic Style

Think off-white sandy colours with straw chargers, blush pink glassware, stoneware plates, pampa grass, bamboo, and neural coloured table runners. Picture this together with the Bride & Groom seated on rustic statement beach wicker chairs and a few Moroccan rugs sporadically placed throughout the venue – the perfect elegant bohemian style.


Traditional Beach Inspiration

Think of all those beautiful natural elements that belong to the sea and sand. Dried coral, textured grasses, seashells, sea-glass, dream-catchers, deep-sea blue, and white floral designs, with complimenting elements of driftwood and wood throughout. Simple and sophisticated.


Bright and Beautiful Wedding Designs

The beach is a great canvas for a multitude of colours. So if you fancy bold, bright and vibrant colours with a variety of florals, fruits and an eclectic theme, then we say go for it! Colourful weddings always bring an extra sense of fun and joy to the table, and the blue sea is the perfect contrasting colour for all those pinks, reds, greens, yellows, and orangey Mediterranean tones.


Japandi Wedding Inspiration

Japanese minimalism mixed with Scandinavian designs (otherwise known as Japandi) creates an effortlessness of surfaces, neutral materials, clean lines, faded wood and warm cozy tones. The Wedding themes set for 2021 & 2022 of bringing this clean nature loving theme into your wedding is becoming exceptionally popular. Think soil tones, cinnamon colours, and mustards alongside greens and emeralds. There isn’t one specific colour either, just stick to those simple neutral colour palettes in a space with plenty of natural light and add an element or two of individual taste conjointly to find what suits your wedding design and you’ve quickly applied ‘Japandi’ to your big day.


Beach Wedding Style and Attire for my Guests

Hosting a destination beach wedding can often throw guests off course when deciding their wedding attire. Deciding on their wedding outfit from formal, traditional, semi-formal, or simply comfy and cool, will certainly cross all your guests’ minds.

Naturally, the heat of the summer months will need to be taken into consideration, but generally speaking, beach weddings are often more casual, comfortable, and offer a carefree vibe. Usually, we recommend couples add a “what to wear” suggestion on their destination wedding invites. This helps guests choose wisely, and of course, this means you can add a little personal specifics too!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to add ‘all-white, ‘bohemian style’ or ‘bright summer’ dress codes. Always recommend guests bring their sunglasses, sunscreen, and wear shoes with heels that won’t sink into the sand – unless of course, you wish to provide a wicker hat stand and flip-flop baskets so all your guests have a matching beach look for those magical beach photography sessions.

Ibiza Beach Wedding Cala Bonita


An Authentic and Cultural Beach Wedding Menu

Your wedding food and drink should largely be enjoyed by all. Why not opt for something authentic to your destination beach wedding, like local fish, paella, tapas canapes, or a luxury BBQ that will set the Mediterranean tone and create a cultural experience for everyone to enjoy.


Looking for a Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue? Get in touch today!

So, that’s it for our beach wedding right here in Ibiza, of course, there are many more venues to choose from and ideas to explore.

If you are interested in a unique beach wedding venue, then why not contact us today so we can get a better vision of your dream wedding with us here at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings.

Don’t forget we have plenty of large-scale luxury villas, beach locations, yacht charter opportunities, rustic farmhouses, boutique country hotels, and exclusive venues on offer… for those looking for something extra special!

You can visit our Ma Cherie Wishlist or take a look at our social media pages ( Facebook and Instagram ) for Ibiza Wedding Inspiration. Or if you wish to speak with one of our Wedding Planners, then feel free to drop us a line here.


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