Wedding industry trends have significantly shifted due to the multiple changes in our social circumstances. Fewer indoor weddings are being planned as couples are looking towards more outdoor spaces to host their weddings.  Something that is not unusual for us here in Ibiza!

These trending outdoor weddings have ultimately led to different wedding styles and culinary choices being matched to specific venues, and of course, these also relate to ensuring optimal health and safety surrounding eating and drinking together in larger gatherings. 

So what are some of the biggest trends for wedding menus in 2021. Read on for some creative inspirations for feeding your guests this upcoming wedding season and beyond!


Wedding Catering Trends


Outdoor Live Cooking

Food that can be delivered in an outdoors setting is becoming increasingly more popular.  Everything from luxury BBQ’s, live grilling, pizza stations, and paella shows are at the top of the menu agenda for this season’s summer weddings, which conveniently leads us directly onto our next foodie wedding trend.


Food Stations

Food Stations are definitely not new to weddings.  Having a food station or truck at your wedding became a star attraction a few years back for many wedding receptions, particularly to fuel the latter guests attending the evening party. 

Seeing quite a significant return in 2021, food trucks are offering a safe, socially-distanced way to serve food, where guests can grab their meal, table by table, and enjoy dinner in a relaxed picnic-style vibe.  What’s more, why stick to one outdoor live food show or one food station cuisine … have a combination where guests can go back and forth, opting for as many mini-snacks as they wish throughout the day! Think sushi stands, Poke Bowls, Oyster Buckets, Boa Buns, French Fries Cone and Mexican Tacos…


Attended Buffets

The usual self-serve buffet is unlikely to make an appearance at many weddings, at least for the foreseeable future.  However, we are not entirely writing off the idea either.  In fact, many hotels are still offering their usual buffet service that is attended by staff serving the food to guests, limiting the amount of potential contamination that may concern people.  Buffet stations at weddings can have exactly the same formula, offering a little luxury feel and professionalism to the event.  These can also be spaced out into smaller stations throughout the venue to avoid overcrowding and enhance the entire experience of travelling around from station to station.

Wedding Catering Trends 2021 : Buffet


Seated Dining

More and more clients have opted for smaller numbers, both for weddings and events. However, smaller guest lists have not necessarily meant reduced budgets. In fact, many have decided less is more in terms of attendees, but less has actually allowed more budget for a lavish and luxury experience on their food experience. 

Think beautifully intricate tablescapes, signature cocktails, caviar, personalised menus, incredible fine-dining cuisine, high-end wines, and the full hospitality team. The traditional intimate ‘sit-down’ wedding is certainly making an official comeback.

Wedding Catering Trends 2021 : Seated Dining


Entertainment Catering Acts 

Entertaining your wedding guests is incredibly important at weddings, and couples are looking for new ways to make their wedding different and totally unique for their big day.

Having professional entertainers as your waiters is an emerging trend that is taking the wedding industry by a storm – the novelty of having a hidden performer amongst the catering staff may sound unusual, but the concept is becoming rather popular. 

Whether it’s live singers, drag queens, comedians, dancers or actors stealing the show whilst serving your food, these acts are the perfect entertainment that will certainly bring a smile to the faces of everybody at your event. Your guests will be surprised by the wow factor of entertainment, creating a celebration well worth remembering.


Dessert Tables, Individual Sweet Treats and Ice-Cream Parlours

Dessert tables provide the ideal to a traditional style wedding cake. They’re a fun way to set-up a display that will really make a statement.  With so many options for flavors, colors, and ways to showcase thesecute mini cakes, cupcake wedding cakes might just be the perfect fit for safe and enjoyable eating.  Deck out a table filled with your favorite candies, stack a cake stand full of brownies, donuts, mini bundt cakes, mini parfaits, and cake pops are all great choices to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Dessert Tables, Individual Sweet Treats and Ice-Cream Parlours


Choosing the Perfect Ibiza Catering Team for Catering 

Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings is part of a family business known as ‘Samos Group’ is a collective of five individual yet collaborative companies in Ibiza that began with our parents in 1974.  Our catering company, The Ibiza Catering, was established in 2015 and we have been actively catering for weddings and large scale events ever since, ensuring every food menu and signature beverages are as every bit as memorable as the event itself.

Together, our refined global cuisine, bar services, contemporary presentations, custom designed cakes, professional hospitality and event planning services are designed to create the very best atmosphere and a long lasting impression for both you and your guests.

The Ibiza Catering for weddings in Ibiza


Our wedding and event menus have been carefully composed by our leading executive chef, combining refined global cuisine with beautiful, contemporary presentations whilst offering suitable options for a variety of palettes and dietary requirements – including vegan, vegetarian, organic and allergies considerations. If there’s anything you need specifically, talk to us, we are happy to make it happen, including those fabulous food truck options. 

We also have our very own in-house pasteleria and cake designers, Samos Deli, who specialise in creating creamy wedding cakes and dreamy desserts as part of our renowned island bakery.


Are you looking for a Wedding Planner in Ibiza?  Get in touch with us today!