A beautiful island like Ibiza is renowned for crystaline beaches, warm sunny weather conditions, vast picturesque landscapes, and a unique culture of its own.
Asides from luxury white-modern villas and 5-star hotels, Ibiza also offers many sporadic and quaint Finca farmhouses, each with individual character, in the form of boutique hotels (Agroturismo), charming farm stays, and individual homes.

Wedding couples are inundated with an array of authentic country wedding venues to choose from, often located in very peaceful rural areas, with luxurious accommodations, lusciously landscaped gardens, magnificent surrounding views, and a choice of spectacular swimming pools and wellness spas.

What kind of boho-chic venue you choose will depend on your personal wedding style, but whatever your preference, we guarantee a spectacular rustic setting with all the perfect wedding day requirements ticked off your list.

At Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings we simply love our traditional Mediterranean-style finca farmhouse venues and Argroturismo’s on offer here in Ibiza, and as you read on you’ll start to understand why.



Ibiza Wedding Venues: Agroturismos & Boutique Hotels

The beauty of the Ibiza Campo (countryside) is beyond a doubt, AMAZING! Every time we head out for a new venue inspection or take one of our engaged couples on a potential venue viewing, a peaceful element of charm and romance fills the air.

Perhaps it’s the historical architecture of many of our farmhouse venues (some as early as the 17th century) with their white-washed and exposed Roman brick walls. Or maybe the novel-like surroundings, with birds chirping away throughout the Mediterranean gardens. Either way, it is no wonder these perfectly hidden and intimate wedding venues are becoming increasingly popular with Ibiza destination wedding couples. And, who wouldn’t want to celebrate their special event with family and friends in a place where time stands still with elegance, creating a very tranquil rustic atmosphere.

Check out our top 5 picks for the most charming rustic wedding venues and boutique hotels on offer, we are sure you will fall in love with at least one, if not all of them!


Venue 1

Our first venue is a 300-year old farmhouse surrounded by mother nature, set amongst abundant fruit trees and mountains in the unspoiled northern municipality of San Juan. The hotel opened its doors almost two decades ago, offering a totally brand new and completely restored Agroturismo, whilst retaining almost all of its original charm.

Weddings and events are a regular and popular choice here. The luxury accommodation makes the venue a perfect spot to host the majority of those all-important guests overnight, including those young children who can’t endure those later celebrations but can remain very close by.

The large greenery, communal chill-out areas, pergola, restaurant, pool bar and extensive gardens are perfect to entertain wedding guests on the big day, as well as throughout their stay.


Venue 2

This second Agroturismo is perfect for weddings, especially those with a larger guest list! Located in the centre of the island, this 10-acre hotel has 24 rooms, several outdoor spaces, and an elegant pool, where couples can consider a wide range of options to host their ceremony, reception, and party.

This hotel comes highly recommended and has completely redefined luxury with its high level of service, quality, and signature style. The hotel and wellness spa have been recently redesigned and refurbished, restoring more of the authentic elements of the 300-year-old Finca, while maintaining its luxurious, five-star appeal. It’s not at all surprising this boutique hotel has established itself as the ultimate rustic-chic venue for an Ibizan wedding.

Ibiza Wedding Venues Agroturismo & Boutique Hotel 2


Venue 3

This wonderful country boutique hotel is located in the heart of Ibiza, encompassed by lavish pine forests and incredible ecology. The abundance of nature here gives a profound sense of peace and prosperity to its guests.

The primary house is more than 300 years old, which has been renovated into a charming hotel, keeping true to its unique original style with stone dividers, wooden underpins and an enrichment of unique furniture. Surrounded by acres of farmland, vineyards, bougainvillea, palm trees and fragrant floristry, this resort is perfect for hosting stylish Mediterranean weddings.

At the center of the resort is the swimming pool with open air jacuzzi, a wellness spa, exercise center, a children’s play area, a pool bar and a chic eatery. The quality of the settlement is without hesitation a wonderful place to get married.


Venue 4: Hotel Rural Xereca

This boutique hotel has more than 4,000m2 of spaces with lush gardens, perfect for all kinds of celebrations and occasions, including those wonderful rustic styled weddings.

This stunning hotel is located in a favored enclave, encompassed by vast countryside with a central windmill feature, hosting a 19th century building with an intriguing design that regards predominant charm.

Tranquility, extravagance and elegance, all in a pastoral environment. This rustic wedding venue has three beautiful spaces, all of them equipped with music and lighting to host your special day including a large tipi tent area, a natural pool, an outdoor fully equipped cocktail bar with wooden decking, the central mill, plus a separate lawn area for creative entertainment and al fresco dining.


Venue 5

This country Hotel stands out for its commitment to promoting local community development and protecting the environment. The house, originally built at the beginning of the 19th century, renovated entirely, keeping with the local architectural style, combines modern décor aligned with a typical Ibizan-style house.

The hotel is fully equipped with authentic gardens, ideal for celebrating a wedding to remember.



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So, that’s our top five Agroturismos & Rustic Wedding Venues right here in Ibiza, of course, there are many more to chose from, and some are specifically listed as exclusive and therefore not mentioned online. If you are interested in a unique, boho-chic, and rustic wedding venue, then why not contact us today so we can get a better vision of your dream wedding with us here at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings.

Don’t forget we have plenty of large-scale luxury villas, beach locations, yacht charter opportunities, and alternative venues on offer, for those looking for something extra special!

You can visit our Ma Cherie Wishlist or take a look at our social media pages ( Facebook and Instagram ) for Ibiza Wedding Inspiration. Or if you wish to speak with one of our Wedding Planners, then feel free to drop us a line here.


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