Like the rest of the world, ‘Weddings and Wedding Planning’ in Ibiza came to a massive halt as the news of the global pandemic arrived. Engaged couples have experienced a rollercoaster ride, postponing weddings due to the risk of coronavirus, travel restrictions, social-distancing measures, and the prevention of large events.

The wedding industry, like so many other businesses, was of course thrown upside down, whereby everybody had to pull together, from all sides, to make the very best of a bad situation.

Destination weddings and planning during COVID-19 have been incredibly difficult and frustrating to say the very least. However, we are pleased to be coming through the other side, things are seemingly returning to normal, people are starting to feel positive once again, and the wedding planning continues.

Along the way, we have certainly learned a thing or two, both in our personal and work life. If anything good has come from these difficult times in our industry, prioritising forward-thinking and contingency plans are among the top!

If you’re planning an Ibiza Destination Wedding soon, then take a look at our ‘Wedding Planning Guide – COVID-19’ below.

We hope to reassure you that a Wedding in Ibiza is still more than possible and the planning can start today!


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Ibiza Weddings 2021 & 2022

On the whole, couples who planned to get married in Ibiza during 2020 have postponed their weddings directly into 2021, moving their original wedding date further along the calendar, from anywhere between 6 months to a year later.

For those who are engaged and keen to start the planning procedure, we recommend considering dates for 2022 or even 2023.

There is no need to rush to process. Most weddings take at least one year in advance to plan effectively, and with many postponed weddings from last year, calendars for wedding planners, venues, suppliers, vendors, and first choice collaborators (like photographers and celebrants) are mostly booked for 2021, with many 2022 dates already taken.

Enquiries are starting to pick up again. To secure your dream wedding and take the stress out of the planning journey, we suggest giving yourself time to breathe, plan at least a year to 18 months in advance, and allow the uncertainty of Coronavirus to run its course, so you feel at ease and free from the fear of needing to postpone or cancel.

However, if you’ve been patiently waiting, and have your heart set on a 2021 wedding, then with a little bit of work and the right timing, your wedding could still be in the pipeline. We would recommend realistically waiting until late summer, September and October are both great months for weather, less overcrowding, and a little more time to ensure Covid-19 moves on and out of our lives for good.

A short amount of notice, anything above 4 weeks, will work well for most efficient wedding planners. However, consideration to ‘no cancellation policy’ or ‘change of dates’ will apply for both services and providers with any last-minute booking.

Couples must also take into account any safety restrictions in Ibiza on the date itself relating to social distancing, headcounts per table, masks, and dancing. If these legal measures are still in place, everybody will need to adhere too.


Things To Do & Consider for Ibiza Weddings 2022 & 2023


Don’t Delay Planning

We understand it’s still a bit rocky out there, unprecedented times, and inevitably no one knows what will happen. However, delaying your planning until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared officially over could also mean severe delays in your wedding altogether, second-best choices of vendors, and failure to meet your dream wedding ideas.

The expected 2022 and 2023 ‘BOOM’ has already started to make a head start!

The wedding industry and couples have had to adapt to the current situation, putting most of us a year behind schedule. Couples from 2020 have moved to 2021, and engaged couples who have been putting off their planning are now super keen to proceed, ready for the following year, 2022.

Don’t miss out on getting the right team and venue for your dream day!

Secure your vendors and suppliers early. The earlier you start booking and securing those all-important Ibiza providers, the less you will need to worry about their availability.


Move Forward with Virtual Wedding Planning

Wedding Planners are trained and skilled to take the lead and see you through the wedding planning journey, stress-free. It is not unusual for us to meet a couple, get ‘under the skin’ of the wedding style, and take-over from afar, communicating thereafter via telephone and emails. Most of our couples visit the island from overseas, spend a few days looking at venues and mood boarding ideas, and then head back home and leave all the details to us.

The changes to our world since the pandemic has most definitely rendered towards stronger digital communication. We have all shifted our way of thinking, working, and using our virtual world.

Wedding planners have spent more and more time adjusting the way they work, using skype and zoom calls for initial meetings with our couples, offering video calls for venue viewings, and discussing styling and design over digital mood boarding rather than in person. Amid it’s not how we choose to do it, but mostly the results have been very impressive, especially as many couples have had plenty of free time during lockdowns to fully immerse themselves into the initial planning.


Firmly Decide Your Budget and Consider Possible Incurred Costs

In an ideal world, your wedding budget is your wedding budget. However, in light of the current circumstances, couples need to be aware of possible extra costs that could occur if restrictions came back into play, and wedding dates need to be changed or cancelled.

Many suppliers have reviewed their policies and are being as flexible as possible. However, we advise couples to be certain of any contracts, clauses, and clear on policies related to refunds. We all need to be secure and mindful that many small businesses have encountered financial distress and face just as much uncertainty.

Although we expect to see 2022 and 2023 cleared of lockdowns, restrictions, and safety measures, we have learned preparation for the worst-case scenario is paramount. Any wedding could require cancellation for a variety of reasons, even personal reasons, so we highly recommend all couples check supplier’s policies thoroughly, and seek the best possible options.


Prepare for Plan B

Postponement is unlikely in 2022 and 2023, however, in today’s world, we have to be realistic. Contingency plans for you, your vendors, and guests always need to be fully considered.

Having a PLAN-B will put your heart and mind at rest, knowing that nothing can stop your wedding, even if the timing needs to be adjusted. With everything upfront and agreed upon, we all know what to expect and can be assured everything will run smoothly.

Perhaps a late 2021 wedding is your PLAN-B. If so, we would recommend getting in touch with a wedding planner as soon as possible. Last-minute weddings are always welcomed, and even more understandable in a time when forward planning for this year alone is subject to an easing of travel restrictions, and Covid-19 cases reducing over the next few months.

Your last-minute dream wedding in 2021 would benefit from an early point of contact to discuss initial ideas and ideals, so if only four weeks’ notice can be given before the desired wedding date, then we would already be ahead of the agenda and ready to move forward quickly and efficiently.


Why You Need a Destination Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Planning a destination wedding independently is even harder, and planning during COVID-19 is overwhelming.

Your wedding planner has encountered, for the first time in history a full year of difficult circumstances, wedding cancellations, and postponements.

No one knows better than wedding planners the right solutions and focus to enable couples to move forward at the right time, considering all the possibilities. In Ibiza, we have worked closely with all of our local suppliers, collaborators, and vendors. We understand what they can offer, their policies and agreements, and also how they have responded to such times.

We also know very well how to take a planned wedding, scrap the original dates and start all over again, keeping our couples at ease, and supporting them through all the stress and emotions that come with such an ordeal!

See what one of our 2020 Brides had to say:

“When I realized that our wedding could not take place I was really devastated. But the Ma Cherie team – special thanks to Edyta – did everything they could to help me feel better pretty soon. The process of postponement was so fast and smooth. I´m really happy to have her by my side.” – Nina-Sophie, 2021



Planning to get married in Ibiza? Get in touch today!

We hope by summer 2021, weddings and events will return with normality, confidence, and optimism.

Couples are considering 2022 and 2023 are steadily starting to make plans. Why not make a little start during these next few months with your wedding planning to-do list and get a head start.

You can visit our Ma Cherie Wishlist or take a look at our social media pages for Ibiza Wedding Inspiration. Or if you wish to speak with one of our Wedding Planners, then feel free to drop us a line here.


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