Choosing a wedding dress. Most probably the biggest decision in any brides fashion life. It just has to be perfect. Likely, something every girl turning into a woman has dreamed about at least once in her lifetime, if not many times over.

If you feel a little flooded with emotion and equally immersed in confusion; don’t worry. It is perfectly normal for each and every bride to feel exactly this way. Getting married is one of the most treasured experiences for just about anybody. The wedding day is a monumental occasion and a memory to be cherished for a lifetime – never to be forgotten.

For one particular day in the history of your life’s story, YOU will be the center of every guest’s attention; and of course, the attention of your husband to be.

You deserve to look a million dollars, a princess coming in on a white horse, a Hollywood movie star. However you envision entering your big day will be determined by how you feel in that wonderful, all magnificently polished wedding day gown.

The question is… how do you choose your dream wedding dress?

Let’s work together to discover the ultimate Top Tips to bring you one step closer to your flawless bridal attire.

Aurelie & Jordan


The early part of the research can be incredibly fun. We love the idea of getting an old scrapbook, collecting a few (hundred) bridal magazines and sitting with your girls on a friday evening over a much deserved glass of wine and frantically ripping out those pages of beautiful bridal images.

Brides Mag, Vogue Bridal, You and Your wedding, Bridal Guide, Martha Stewart Weddings. Whatever you can get your hands on; starting flicking through and grabbing as much inspiration as possible.

Another great way is to create for yourself a beautiful Pinterest board with all your top fav’s. Scroll through as much instagram and facebook social media accounts as possible to find everything trending out there. Here you can effectively moodboard, revise and narrow down to a core selection with ease.

What’s more, each saved pin or post should lead you directly to the bridal boutiques and designers online where you can embark on a more detailed research and analysis time of your own.

Wedding fairs are also a great day out and gives a particular ‘real life’ inspirational opportunity to gain that ‘inner gut feeling’ for your personal preferred style and trending tastes.

However, take note. We would highly recommend at these early stages to set yourself a timeline for researching. With so much information readily available and marketing techniques everywhere; a bride can start to feel very much like she’s in an uphill struggle in her decision making.

Choose Your Personal Style

Stop researching! It’s time to bring together all that hard work and sift through all your investigations so far. But, before you consider condensing your wedding dress selection into categories, there is one very important factor we must consider before making any firm decisions.

Just like every bride is different and unique, so are women. Which includes our personal tastes, styles, skin complections and body shapes. What might suit one, will not necessarily suit another.

Here are three really important elements to ponder on when considering your style.

Firstly, the overall style and theme of your wedding day and your dress must correlate and compliment one another. A relaxed beach wedding with a luxury, three layered gown and three metres of trailing is naturally not going to work. Think colour schemes, overall characteristics and even as far as the weather conditions and location compatibility.

Secondly, think about your style. Who you are every day. What your fashion identity represents. Anything other YOU will not suit you. And, we are not just talking from an outsider’s perspective, we are referring to your perspective. Choose something that suits your style. Anything else will make you feel unsure and possibly quite uncomfortable both physically and mentally on the day.

Lastly, embrace your body type. The silhouette of your dress. Choose a dress that will compliment your shape whether your straight, pear shaped or rocking that perfect hourglass silhouette… different dresses will be designed for different shapes and sizes.

Once you’ve selected your style you can move onto condensing that research into a few finer options.

Alejandra & Morten

Details & Defining Your Dream Dress

The research is done. The style is semi-confirmed. Good Job. Hopefully many first ideas have been scrapped and we are down to a handful of possible spectacular wedding gowns suited to you.

Now is the perfect time to summarize all those important details and focus more clearly on technicalities and specifics. So let’s list some expert terminology to guide you through defining your wedding gown goals.


  • The Silhouette – A-Line, Ball Gown, Mermaid, Sheath, Fit and Flare.
  • Neckline – Strapless, Sweetheart, Bateau, High Neck, V-Neck.
  • Fabric – Chiffon, Cotton, Lace, Silk, Tulle, Sequin, Crepe
  • Length & Train – Floor, Tea or Short; Royal Train, Sweep or Chapel
  • Colour – White, Champagne, Gold, Ivy, Off-White
  • Embellishments – Embroidery, Buttons, Floral, Crystal, Sash, Corset
  • Backless, Long or Short Sleeve.
  • The list is immense and definitely worthy of your time


Set your budget before you start searching for the ideal gown and boutique or designer. Planning your wedding dress budget should be part of your overall wedding day allocation funds. There’s nothing worse than turning up, getting a taste for a dress and then finding out the one you are in love with is not within your means.

Set yourself your budget before you meet and greet and try on any of those beautiful wedding dress numbers.

Bridal Boutiques & Designers

Finally, you get to choose your perfect wedding boutique or dress designer. Whatever style and specifics you have listed be sure to spend time researching the right dressmaker. Take your time to choose the perfect wedding dress company.

Make an appointment at a couple of your favourite bridal shops which appear to host your dream dress and take a few special friends to share this incredibly important moment with – nothing is better than honest opinions from the ones who love you the most over a glass of bubbly and plenty of laughs.

Relax and be patient with your final decision making. All this hard work to date does not require a last minute irrational decision. Leave, think and return. Wait and listen to your heart after all of your appointments. The right dress will not leave you from the moment you tried it on, so there is no rush.

Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings wishes every bride a truly authentic experience finding their wedding gown. Remember, if we can help in any way with the wedding process then do not hesitate to contact us.

And, if you’re looking for a wedding dress specific to the island of Ibiza, then stay tuned for our upcoming blog next month!