A wedding cake, whether classic, modern, or completely out of the ordinary should always be on the menu at any given wedding. Symbolizing good luck and fertility, the traditional wedding cake is typically made with a large number of high-quality ingredients and purposely prepared in an abundant manner to represent a long, rich and happy marriage.

Now, whether we associate with ancient traditions and symbolic meanings or not, we all have to admit, a delightful slice of wedding cake brings every guest together to create a perfect moment of sweetness!

To help you get inspired and make the right wedding cake choice, we’ve put together our top favourite wedding cakes trends to date and we hope you enjoy every last bite…


Wedding Cake Trends 2021


Macaron Displays

If you are looking for something a little different, macaron displays may be the perfect bite-sized choice that can be colour coordinated, decorated, and displayed in a variety of different ways to suit your chosen wedding style and colour palette.

Macarons can be placed independently in tall towers, perfectly paired with other sweet soft cakes, placed on top of a traditional tier-cake, or uniquely complemented by mini-floristry designs. Either way, Macarons are a very popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake style and together with their sweet meringue taste filled with buttercream, jams, or ganache will be sure not to disappoint.

Macarons twoers Wedding Cake Trends 2021



The donut wall once stole the show at weddings, and whilst they are no longer the center of attention, the ‘donut’ itself still very much exists as part of the trending wedding cake theme. From tall piles of simply glazed donuts, to beautifully and intricately detailed donut decorations, there are many creative and amazing ways to dress up these classic individual cakes.

Donuts and donut towers are perfect for weddings of all sizes and themes ranging from both casual to elegant events. Although you might not automatically imagine a donut cake at a formal wedding, it can certainly be dressed up to suit your day and is quickly becoming a popular ideal to keep in sync with various health and safety preferences at large scaled events across the board!

Donuts wedding cake trends 2021


Mini Cupcakes, Brownies and Dessert Tables

Dessert tables provide the ideal alternative to a traditional style wedding cake. They’re fun to set-up and create a great display that will really make a statement piece at your wedding. With so many options for flavours, colours, and ways to showcase your desserts, a varied table might just be the perfect fit for enjoyable eating. Deck out a table filled with your favorite candies, stack a cake stand full of brownies, add glazed donuts and mini bundt cakes, and truly satisfy every sweet tooth at the party.

Dessert Tables, Individual Sweet Treats and Ice-Cream Parlours


The Traditional Tier Cake

The traditional tier cake will never go out of fashion. It’s a statement piece that takes centre stage in the foodie wedding agenda, and can be perfectly decorated or adorned to suit your venue and style.

Your traditional tier wedding cake doesn’t need to be the same as any of those other wedding cakes, past, present or future either. Allow yourself to get fully immersed in every possibility and ask your baker or cake designer to add cream details, mix complimenting aesthetics, hand paint unique designs, top with fresh fruit designs, add some gold leaf, go semi-nude, or stick some simple flowers to match your floristry around the outskirts.

Realistically, the traditional tier cake is a blank canvas and the world is your oyster. Whatever you can dream up is often more than possible… and remember the fun is not just on the outside, the flavours and taste are every bit as exciting. Decisions Decisions



Choosing the Perfect Ibiza Wedding Cake Designer

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