A wedding is a special day in the life of every couple. They are in love, they are excited and hopeful. They would like their wedding day to be special and unique. How to do it? Choosing the right venue, clothing, food, invitations, flowers & decor, music, etc. is important but in the end, a wedding is not only about the party. The most important part of it is the ceremony, the exchange of vows and the marriage itself.

Below, we describe 7 different rituals that can be incorporated into a ceremony to make it exceptional.


1. Candle lighting or sand ceremony

Lighting candles is one of the most popular wedding rituals. Three candles are placed at the celebrant’s table, two small ones on the sides of the large one. The bride and groom take a small candles that are pre-lit and light the central candle together. Two flames become one as their lives do now.

The sand ceremony is very similar and popular with beach weddings. In this case, the bride and groom both have small sand bottles that they pour together into a larger vase. The sand is poured out and joined, it can never be separated, just as a marriage can never be broken. Unlike the candle ceremony, when the flame is finally gone, the sand is a lasting memento for the couple that can be kept and displayed at home.

Both, candle and sand ceremonies symbolise two people or two families become one family in very unbreakable way. These are simple yet very meaningful rituals.


2. Tie the Fisherman’s knot

We often hear the phrase “tie the knot” as a way of relating to marriage. But what does that mean and why not do it literally?

Tying the knot is another significant ritual in which the knot indicates the strength of the marriage and is a symbol of unity. While the Fisherman’s knot is one of the easiest to tie, it is also one of the strongest. Some say that the rope will break rather than the knot becomes undone. It is solid symbolism when it comes to marriage. Tying a knot represents the union of two lives for one common purpose.

The couple needs to practice beforehand to make sure they will be able to do this smoothly during the ceremony, but it’s nothing complicated and the knot can be framed and displayed at home afterwards.


3. Ring warming

The ring-warming ceremony is a great way to involve all the guests in the ceremony and allow them to participate actively. The rings are passed on from guest to guest, so that everyone can hold them briefly and “warm” them with prayer, wishes or positive vibrations for the couple’s future. This simple yet touching ceremony is a unique way for all guests to feel part of the wedding.


4. Foot washing ceremony

It is a tradition based on Christianity, drawn from the gospel of John. There is a story about Jesus washing the feet of his followers at the Last Supper as a symbol of love and humility. For a married couple, washing their feet as part of a ceremony means equality and shows that they respect each other and demonstrate humility of heart. It simply shows that they are committed to loving and serving each other as husband and wife.


5. Sage smudging ceremony

It is a very spiritual ritual that encourages purification and purification. Although it is not used exclusively for weddings, it has found its way into many. This tradition is to get rid of bad vibrations and replace them with positive energy. It can be used to cleanse auras, homes, and relationships, making it perfect for weddings. How does it work? A bunch of sage is lit and waved around the couple to remove negative energy and bring harmony to the relationship and home. The sage smudging ceremony is a symbol of a fresh start to a new life.


6. Tree planting ceremony

If the couple feels a strong bond with nature, the tree planting ceremony will be the perfect ritual for their wedding. Partners plant a tree by adding soil to the pot and watering the tree in tandem.

The metaphor of planting and growing something together perfectly symbolises the care and supervision that will be required to keep a marriage strong and healthy but also the roots of relationship, and the continued growth of love.


7. Burning of fears

The burning of fears is a ritual that allows a couple to show that they start a new life. Before the wedding, each of them writes down their fears, regrets, remorse of the past life. They will then burn this paper during the ritual. During the ceremony, they put the cards in a vase, they light them with candles or matches until papers are completely burned.

This simple ritual symbolises the destruction of old fears in order to move forward together.


Whether you are a Christian, have a strong bond with nature, you are looking for a spiritual element, or a simple symbol of unity, it is important to express yourself at the wedding ceremony. We encourage you to choose one of the rituals so that the ceremony is beautiful, unique and unforgettable for both you and your guests.

And here we are ready to help you make your dreams come true. Feel free to contact us and let us know how you imagine your dream ceremony. Is it one of the above? Or maybe you have your very own idea? We are happy to help you find the perfect celebrant.