If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, we would have to say, hands down… what a fabulous idea! Actually a truly wonderful, sensational and mind-blowing idea. And, although we may be a bit biased, we are not just saying it because we are destination wedding planners.

For many couples of the 21st century, it makes perfect sense. Choosing an overseas destination for the big day (pretty much) guarantees a sunny and decent weather forecast, it offers a once in a lifetime experience that will really ‘WOW’ your guests and also boasts of a multitude of unique and magical venues perfect for the very current 2020 wedding trends. And, what’s more, in comparison it’s really not that much different financially than staying closer to home.

Great, decision made, sweep everybody off to Ibiza for a miraculous and breathtaking wedding day and guest vacation. Absolutely, why not, we love it!

Having said that… planning the big day, maximising your options and really turning your dream into a reality is not an easy task. Planning a wedding, let’s say in general, is often onerous and incredibly stressful. And, that’s without any real hiccups. If your planning a destination wedding, the planning journey can be particularly lengthy, a never ending maze of seeking solutions and problem solving and sometimes it may even be a little unsuccessful (ouch, dare we say it).

As wedding planners we are not here to convince anyone into selecting a wedding planning service. Every couple needs to come to their own wedding decisions. However, we believe an event planning service is one of incredible value to anyone marrying overseas.

And, here is why we know having a destination wedding planner is an absolute must –

Island Lifestyle

First of all, and very importantly – Ibiza, even though it is a renowned and very popular tourist and holiday destination, is still a very small island. Life here is not like the rest of Europe and it is certainly very different to any city or town life. The term “Island Time” is not a fabrication either. Everything moves at a very slow pace, siestas still exist (half way through the day for three hours or more, everyday), and on the weekend you can almost forget it, doors are closed and phones are off. Vendors are quite likely to take a few days or even a week in returning your “urgent” phone calls, whats apps or emails. This is very normal.

Needless to say, even though there is diversity in cultures on the island, there are equally just as many natives – only speaking Spanish, Catalan or even Ibicencan Catalan. And, these are the people you will need to work with to service your wedding. Trying to communicate in English or even broken English and pushing for urgent responses will not be received too well. Ultimately, you need to be prepared to not have everything on your time schedule, that very important wedding time schedule.

Good Rapport with Vendors and Suppliers

This leads us directly onto our next point. Having an experienced wedding planner who has worked in the industry for numerous years and lives on the island is probably one of the most advantageous aspects of the whole wedding planning ordeal that you as a couple can take hold off.
Your Ibiza wedding planner will have a good rapport and long-standing professional relationship with vendors and suppliers, and this can only work in your favour. They know us, we work in the same industry, we speak the same language, we’re trustworthy ‘known friends’ and they want our repetitive business. These guys will reply to our urgent calls, emails, whatsapps and if not, we might just see them during the week for coffee anyway – you know, out of ‘courtesy’ and to give a polite nudge. In fact, we can get up and meet them at their office pretty much whenever suits them to discuss your flowers, tables, cuisine etc etc – something not done with ease from afar. We understand how to configure workable contracts between one another in ultimately having smooth communication running before, during and after the day.
Also, amazing benefits come when you have a good rapport with vendors – lots of value for money, reasonable rates and discounts apply. Yay! After many years in the industry wedding planners inevitably have a wide range of portfolio venues, suppliers, vendors and professional associates on hand. Matching your vision with our knowledge will not only open your eyes to the many options you wouldn’t have otherwise known is available, but it will inevitably save you time, money and the stress of trying to seek out those perfect wedding requirements.

Save money, time and be stress free

Yes, a wedding planner comes at an expense. But, in the long run they may save you money. Regardless of all those savings and discounts they can achieve from vendors, a wedding planner knows how to keep you on budget. Experienced wedding planners will support you in setting a realistic budget to achieve your dream day, get the most out of your money and help you understand where to spend on necessities or luxuries and simply when to hold back.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘time is money’ – well, in this case, it certainly is. Can you imagine the amount of time it takes to plan a wedding from a different country, how many trips back and forth to ensure everything is executed to perfection. Flights, days off work, long winded phone calls across Europe? Time is money in this situation without a shadow of a doubt. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your wedding planning alongside someone who can be there organizing and performing the tedious list of jobs that need to take place. The better the organisation, the less stress and ultimately the more you get to enjoy the planning, planning, planning!

Professional Organization Freaks

Wedding planners are essentially major coordinators with a grand knowledge in weddings. A wedding planner has absolutely everything mapped out from the very beginning, nothing goes a miss and nothing is left to chance. Everything is blueprinted from the initial discussion, through visiting venues, moodboarding, contacting vendors, creating and reviewing legitimate contracts, organizing your wedding day timeline, arrivals, deliveries, bringing in your photographers, caterers, floristry, musicians… The list is endless.

They prevent problematic situations, save expensive mistakes from happening and they are fully prepared with an ‘alternative and creative hands on solution’ just in case problems do arise (even if that means an unexpected weather issue – they will have it all figured out).

Wedding planners actually enjoy this level of professional organisation, it is part of their passion and their personalities. You can never underestimate the smallest detail a wedding planner has considered, ones you would have most definitely overlooked. Micromanagement to ensure everything is perfect is what they do best. We advise everyone to leave the destination wedding day to someone who really cares and is really able to perform wedding magic!

Unparalleled Focus & Unique Gifting

Your wedding is unique to you. Having a professional who really gets that is worthy of the expense. They alone will work endlessly to ensure everything matches your exact style. From the moment you spoke on the phone or you walked into their office, they have already fathomed you out and completely understand the type of wedding you are most likely to choose.

Taking your little or big ideas they will show you the latest and most current trends, help you bring together anything that does not correlate or clashes and then create a stylish yet personal overall look and feel for your day. Together, you will discuss and brainstorm colour schemes, themes, flowers and each and every counterpart – thereafter a wedding planner will coordinate everything to the finest detail, keeping you updated and lovingly informed along the way. They will not allow for couples to get so overwhelmed by the powers of social media, recent celebrity weddings or let you get so confused that you don’t know what you want anymore. Your wedding planner will keep you on focus at all times and inevitably calm.

Face of the Day

We would highly recommend not being your wedding planner on your wedding day. Be the Bride, the Groom, be a couple and enjoy your day to the fullest. This is a once in a lifetime event, one you will cherish forever and one you will really want to be in the present moment for the entire day. Believe us.
On your wedding day, you’re going to be the centre of attention, friends, family, new relatives will want to get close to you, even if just a few minutes. Don’t be the bride having to solve last minute no-shows or helping setting up tables. You want to be fully relaxed with your loving guests, a glass of champagne to hand and completely feeling confident that your highly experienced professional is taking care of everything for you and your guests.

Everything will be designed just for you. Something a little different than everybody else (and those pinterest boards) and the end surprise will be priceless.

Everybody wants the best for their matrimony and if couples want the best then we would only advocate honestly to rely on professionals on the island (or where ever you choose your destination) to know who, what, when and where is best for everything you need. Planning should still be an enjoyable and memorable part of any couple’s matrimony and we are here to do that… Just Say Yes and We’ll Do the Rest!